LNLS - Laboratório Nacional de Luz Síncrotron

SAXS1 X-Ray Beam

The actual design of SAXS1 since Feb. 2011 is based on a toroidal multilayer mirror developed in co-operation with the Fraunhofer institute. The beamline works at fixed energy of 8.0 keV.




energy range 8.0keV
energy resolution ΔE/E = 0.1
spot size on sample (FWHM) 1.5 mm (h) × 0.5 mm (v) ( @250 mA and  1.5 m from focus. This can be reduced with slits with the expense of a lower flux)




Type Bending Magnet
Magnetic Field: 1.67 T
Source size (at 8.00 keV): 890 µm (h) x 150 µm (v) (FWHM)
Source divergence (at 8.00 keV): 900 µrad (h) x 32 µrad (v) (FWHM)





Element Side-bounce W/B4C Multilayer (500 double layers) on Si substrate
Distance from Source 8 m 8 m
Focusing Sagittal Radius: 0.44 m Tangential Radius: 162 km