232 new projects will be carried out at the Sirius beamlines during the first half of 2024

Component is the first of its type to be installed in the storage ring of a synchrotron light source

Alongside the 6 research stations already operating, 4 new beamlines will begin to receive regular proposals during this call

A joint effort, involving local and external researchers, validated crystallographic study of small molecules, alongside the usual with proteins

Brazilian researchers use Sirius facilities to investigate biophysical processes related to prions

Article published in Communications Materials presents significant findings and discusses the possibilities offered by this technique combined with synchrotron light sources

The research used diamond anvil cells (DAC) together with synchrotron light to investigate superconductors under extreme pressures

Review article was highlighted in the Applied Physics Reviews journal and explains how computed micro- and nanotomography can be used in fourth-generation synchrotrons like Sirius

The Brazilian Center for Research in Energy and Materials will host selected participants in the Summer Scholarships, Sirius School for High School Teachers, and Future Scientists programs

Verônica Teixeira, a researcher at the Brazilian Synchrotron Light National Laboratory (LNLS/CNPEM), was one of seven professionals recognized as part of L'Oréal Brasil's initiative “Para Mulheres na Ciência” [For Women in Science]

Premiados durante a SBPMat 2023

An oral presentation by Flávio Henrique Feres (LNLS) and a poster by Jaqueline Rocha (LNNano) were among the projects recognized during the XXI B-MRS Meeting, in Maceió, Alagoas