Primeiro feixe de luz UV gerada pelo Sirius chega à linha Cedro

Arrival of the UV beam is a milestone in the commissioning process

The new operating mode ensures more stability and more photons emitted to the beamlines

In the first call for proposals, the new, more inclusive, and collaborative selection process attracted proposals from scientists in 15 countries and 17 Brazilian states, most notably the Northeast of the country.

The beamline is dedicated to X-ray diffraction of polycrystalline materials and will operate in the energy range of 5 to 30 keV

Review article was highlighted in the Applied Physics Reviews journal and explains how computed micro- and nanotomography can be used in fourth-generation synchrotrons like Sirius

Researchers at USP in São Carlos combined cutting-edge technologies and demonstrated that a molecule targeted by medications behaves differently than previously theorized.

Network of interactions between metabolites

Paper published at Science Magazine investigates unexpected molecular interactions that affect cell function and could cause disease

Free event on June 17 with a visit to Sirius and activities for everyone at the CNPEM campus in Campinas, São Paulo

Registrations with abstract submissions are until June 4th.

Registrations with abstract submission are due to April 30th

Abstract submission are until April 14 at the website.