First call for projects selected 125 research proposals; Brazil's Northeast had the highest approval rate with 48.6%.

The beamline is dedicated to X-ray diffraction of polycrystalline materials and will operate in the energy range of 5 to 30 keV

Sirius is operating with a current of 100 mA in decay mode, with 2 injections per day, providing synchrotron light for 6 beamlines under science commissioning mode

The beamline is dedicated to three-dimensional tomographic imaging with micro and nanometric resolution using high brightness X-rays in the energy range of 22, 39 and 67 keV

Experiment carried out on Sirius shed light on reaction fundamental to the production of hydrogen fuel

The first scientific paper published with data obtained at the EMA beamline studied the relationship between skutterudite’s superconducting properties and the distance between their atoms.

Researchers from CNPEM and collaborators demonstrate the potential of naturally abundant and low-cost minerals for application in nanodevices

Study elucidates unprecedented processes of herbivore metabolism involved in the efficient degradation of plant fibers

Abstract submission are until April 3 at the website.

25% of the scientists who submitted proposals have never used the CNPEM’s labs

The new deadline for research proposal submission is 19 November at 12:00 AM.

This call will adopt a new, more inclusive, collaborative review process. The submitted proposals will be evaluated on their scientific merit under a double-blind and crossed-peer review system