Orbit Correctors

To maintain the stability of the beam within the tolerances, there are two orbit correction systems dedicated to offset long and short term variations in the orbit of the electron beam. These systems use the position measurements supplied by the position monitor and act on sets of magnets (correctors) to minimize distortions in the beam orbit.

Short-term fluctuations are fixed by the fast orbit correction system, which operates at a rate of 10,000 corrections per second and should be able to mitigate fluctuations of up to 1 kHz in the orbit of the beam. This system requires special features to sources, magnets, control system and for the diagnostic system itself so that it can operate within specifications. The development of this system is being carried out at LNLS and is another major design challenge.

Another very important feedback system suppresses instabilities in the beam acting on each of the 864 electron beam individually. Each beam runs around the storage ring within 1.7 microseconds. This system uses sensors and actuators specially designed for this purpose.