Call for Proposals for Commissioning Experiments

Sirius has reached another milestone in commissioning its beamlines. Four new beamlines are in the scientific commissioning stage, completing the number of ten beamlines available for the user community. The list of available facilities and their status are available on this page .

The facilities in scientific commissioning mode are:

The scientific commissioning mode remains open in a continuous flow of research proposal submissions. To submit a research proposal in this mode, it is necessary to contact the beamline managers in advance to define the conditions of the experiments.

This call for proposals intends to supply beamtime for the users during the beamline commissioning period. The beamlines are at different stages of technical commissioning. They have not reached the final configuration and target parameters, meaning that not all experiments are feasible and not all environmental conditions can be applied. During this period of scientific commissioning, the aim is to receive proposals from expert users for experiments that allow us to test the beamline and at the same time improve the current instrumentation for different types of samples of interest to the community.

The Rapid Access Proposal modality is open for submissions in a continuous flux, without any interruption. The proposers must have previous experience using a synchrotron beamline, especially with the required technique.

For detailed beamline conditions, please consult the webpage and contact the beamline managers. Users can submit proposals through the SAU Online portal.

An internal committee composed of the LNLS directorate, advised by beamline managers and scientific staff, is responsible for evaluating and prioritizing each beamline proposal. The user team must be prepared to use the scheduled beam readily.