The QUATI Group is responsible for the management and operation of the QUATI beamline of the synchrotron light source Sirius, at the Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory (LNLS).

The QUATI beamline will allow high-quality, high-resolution X-ray absorption spectroscopy experiments. In the QUATI beamline, spectroscopic analyzes will be carried out in real time on a huge variety of physical and chemical processes, such as material synthesis, nanoparticle studies and catalysts. The experiments can be carried out at high temperatures, under gas flow or pressure, in operando conditions.

The group is also interested in the study of catalysts, materials for the production and storage of hydrogen and sensors, as well as the development of new techniques based on X-ray absorption (particularly XES, HR-XAS, RIXS, etc.) and the development of appropriate scientific instrumentation for conducting in situ studies on the beamline.

Quati Beamline

The QUATI (Quick X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy for Time and space resolved experiments) beamline will be dedicated to high-quality X-ray absorption spectroscopy experiments, with temporal and spatial resolution on a millisecond scale and in situ conditions.


Amelie C. Rochet
Leader Researcher
+55 19 3517 5180