Beamline Software

The Beamline Software group has the function of offering software services necessary for the operation of the beamlines of the synchrotron light source Sirius, at the Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory (LNLS).

An experiment on a beamline depends, in general, on the movement of mechanical components in a repeatable and synchronized way, together with a series of electronic devices for the acquisition of data that will be used by the researchers. The group is responsible for developing and providing the necessary software for the coordination of this equipment, so that the user has within their reach the total control of the beamline at a computer keyboard.

Some highlighted projects are the development of access via EPICS to high performance software (written for FPGA or real-time system); the development of faster data collections, with the acquisition of signals in an uninterrupted and synchronized manner, simultaneously with the movement of mechanical devices (“fly-scan”); and the development of the EPICS mechanism for the international collaboration project MxCube, a tool for the control and operation of macromolecule crystallography beamlines.


James R. Piton
Leader Specialist
+55 19 3512 1228


Augusto Y. Horita
Felipe de S. Custodio
Technological Development Analyst
Hugo H. V. de L. Campos
Technological Development Analyst
Leticia G. Capovilla
Technological Development Analyst
Marco A. B. M. Filho
Technological Development Analyst
Nicolas G. S. Moliterno
Technological Development Analyst
Pedro J. Hirasawa