Throughput Enhanced Processing Unit – TEPUI

The TEPUI group is responsible for the open facility of the same name – TEPUI – Throughput Enhanced Processing Unit.

TEPUI is the facility that contains:

  • high performance computers, including one cluster — supercomputer consisted of a number of servers working as one unit;
  • computers equipped with graphics processing units (GPUs);
  • high performance and high throughput storage units.

At TEPUI the processing and storage of data collected during the experiments conducted at the Sirius beamlines takes place.

The TEPUI group personnel is responsible for evaluating, preparing, commissioning, providing access and providing support on the infrastructure, production environment, software and storage unit installation so the researchers can process their experiments in an optimal manner.

The group is also responsible for the development of applications and interfaces that might improve the integration with the beamlines and other groups.


Fernando S. Furusato
Leader Specialist
+55 19 3517 5146


Gustavo H. O. Aranha
Technological Development Analyst
+55 19 3512 1082
Isadora G. Vaz
Technological Development Analyst
Matheus F. Sarmento
Technological Development Analyst
+55 19 3518 2572