News | July 11th, 2010
LNLS performs the first remote experiment with Synchrotron Light

From Rio de Janeiro, reserchers of Petrobras uses remotely a synchrotron beamline in Campinas

The Brazilian Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory (LNLS) performs with success its first experiment with remote operation: on June 2, a group of researchers of Petrobras, LNLS and other research facilities, gathered at the Brazilian Physics Research Center (CBPF), in Rio de Janeiro, to performsome experiments  remotely using, synchrotron beamlines, in Campinas.

 The connection between LNLS and CPBF was made through the experimental network of the Giga project, an infrastructure with transmission capacity of 1 Gbps, managed in partnership by CPqD and the National Education and Research Network (RNP), the organization also responsible for the Brazilian academic network.

The remote operation project, called LabWeb, is being developed in partnership with the Petrobras Nanotechnology Network. “It was a proof of concept that gave results that showed  the feasibility of the project”, says Harry Westfahl, researcher at the LNLS and part of the team responsible for the experiment.

The LabWeb’s first phase,  was developed over  six months. It included the evaluation of technologies,  developing a working prototype that gave support to the test-experiment. “In  the second step, we will give scale to the project expanding it to the users of synchrotron beamlines at LNLS”, explains Westfahl.

This project will allow researchers-users to have remote access to the research equipments and to share information. “Several synchrotron laboratories around the world are investing in this, which is considered, cutting-edge technology”, says Daniela Zanchet, project coordinator. “More than remote operation, we provide tools like web conferencing, chats, and an audio channel, among others, to increase integration between research groups”.

Marcio Faerman, manager of Research & Development of RNP, observes that the uses of advanced network services, as the end to end circuit provision used in  the experiment, will be fundamental in  ensuring  the quality of the real time communication during the remote operation. The RNP’s multi-gigabit network infrastructure opens the door for remote use of synchrotron radiation in Brazil and abroad.

Source: 10/06/2010 – Portal Nacional