News | November 13th, 2014
PhD students from LNLS win ACS-Langmuir prize

Jessica Oliveira and Willian Takemitsu had their posters awarded during the AutoOrg Conference

Two PhD students from LNLS were awarded with ACS-Langmuir prize during the 2014 edition of AutoOrg Conference, which took place in São Pedro (SP) from November 5th to 7th. ACS-Langmuir awarded the top ten best posters of the conference, and the works done by Jessica Oliveira and Willian Takemitsu Shigeyosi were selected among the best ones. The works were supervised by the LNLS researcher Mateus Borba Cardoso.

Jessica Oliveira presented a poster about bactericidal efficacy of silver-silica nanoparticles functionalized with Ampicillin, named: “Ag@SiO2-Ampicillin: promising material for bacteria resistance”.

Willian Takemitsu Shigeyosi prepared a poster about how different coatings can affect the cytotoxicity of iron oxide nanoparticles, with the title: “Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Produced With Different Coating and Their Cytoxity Effect Evaluation”.

The Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory congratulates Jessica and Willian for the achievement!


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