News | December 11th, 2018
Special call for proposals for the LNLS beamlines

Submissions are open from December 10th, 2018, to May 10th, 2019. This call is intended only for complementing proposals evaluated and executed over the last two years.

A special call for Proposals is open for the LNLS beamlines listed below. This call concerns the beamtime available during the first semester of 2019, from January 29th to July 31st.

This special call for proposals is intended to supply beamtime for the users during the transition period from the UVX to the Sirius synchrotron light sources.

This call is intended only for complementing proposals that have been evaluated by the Proposal Review Committees (PRCs) and that have been executed over the last two years (2017 – 2018) at the UVX beamlines.

Submissions are open from December 10th, 2018, to May 15th, 2019.

We look forward having all of you taking the opportunity to complement your ongoing research at the LNLS beamlines.

With regards,

Serviço de Apoio aos Usuários

Special rules for this call

Proposal submission

Evaluation and beamtime grant processes

List of beamlines and coordinators for this call

Reminder: Before going through the submission, please, follow the steps:

X-ray diffraction
XPD – Cristiane Rodella (cristiane.rodella@lnls.br)
XRD1 – Alexandre Magnus Carvalho (alexandre.carvalho@lnls.br)
XRD2 – Marcio Medeiros Soares (marcio.soares@lnls.br)

X-ray absorption
XAFS2 – Santiago Figueroa (santiago.figueroa@lnls.br)
XDS – Narcizo Marques Souza Neto (narcizo.souza@lnls.br)
DXAS – Gustavo Azevedo (gustavo.azevedo@lnls.br)

Soft X-ray spectroscopy
PGM – Julio Criginski Cezar (julio.cezar@lnls.br)

Fluorescence and tender X-ray spectroscopy
SXS – Flávio Cesar Vicentin (flavio.vicentin@lnls.br)
XRF – Carlos Alberto Perez (carlos.perez@lnls.br)

Small Angle X-ray Scattering
SAXS1 – Florian Meneau (florian.meneau@lnls.br)

Macromolecular Crystallography
MX2 – Ana Zeri (ana.zeri@lnls.br)

X-ray imaging
IMX – Nathaly Archilha (nathaly.archilha@lnls.br)

IR – Raul Freitas (raul.freitas@lnls.br)


New Synchrotron Light Source is the largest and most complex research structure ever buit in Brazil

Work is related to the detectors for new Brazilian synchrotron light source, Sirius