User Training Courses

LNLS is developing courses with a focus on fundamental aspects for the use of the new beamlines. Topics cover several areas: physical concepts, sample preparation, and especially processing and analysis of acquired data.

The classes were planned in order to help the user to solve their questions, making their experience on the beamline more effective. Classes are in video format, in Portuguese with English subtitles, and include assimilation exercises. Questions about the classes can be sent by email and will be answered by the beamline team.

To access them you need to register to SAU Online. Questions on registration can be sent to sau@cnpem.br. After registering, access SAU Online and enter your Username and Password. When accessing your user area, find the “User Menu” sector and select “Courses”. Select the beamline group and then the course of your choice. A brief description of the first available courses is already in the system. Course completion will be validated when all exercises are complete.

The courses currently available are:

New courses will be added to the platform as development is complete. Access the SAU Online portal for news on the courses.


These courses aim to ensure a good user training to process 2D and 3D digital images after obtaining them in the beamline and, therefore, obtain quantifications in the most efficient way possible. In the basic course, theoretical concepts of data processing (pixel and voxel, bit depth, histogram, filters, introduction to segmentation, etc.) are taught. In the intermediate course, the student will be trained to use two software: 1) Avizo, intended for data processing and analysis (quantification), and 2) Annotat3D, a software aimed only for segmentation, developed internally by the Scientific Computing Group (GCC). In addition, introductory machine and deep learning classes were included for greater understanding of the parameters to be used in this software.


Mogno Beamline couse is aimed at experienced users and future users who are interested to know about Mogno beamline. Topics such as beamline layout, capabilities, its advantages related to a bench-top tomograph and how to submit a research proposal.


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