“Ricardo Rodrigues” Synchrotron Light School

The “Ricardo Rodrigues” Synchrotron Light School (ER2LS) seeks to expand the training of the current community of users, in addition to boosting the education and training of new users, potentially able to use synchrotron light techniques in their research areas.

LNLS is currently working on the commissioning of the new synchrotron light source Sirius, and on the assembly and commissioning of its experimental stations, called beamlines. Hence, ERL2S program consists of classes on the properties of synchrotron light and fundamentals of the associated experimental techniques, seminars on the advanced characterization techniques that will be available on Sirius, in addition to offline experiments, data treatment classes, discussions with researchers and tutorials on the beamlines under commissioning or already in operation.

“Ricardo Rodrigues” Synchrotron Light School is the new name for the Brazilian Synchrotron School (EBS) and honors Prof. Ricardo Rodrigues, pioneer of synchrotron light in Brazil. Ricardo Rodrigues was responsible for the design and construction of the accelerators for UVX and its successor, Sirius. His notorious creativity, dedication, and boldness in accepting technical challenges were fundamental for the development of Accelerator Engineering in Brazil, today with internationally recognized quality.