Online Gas Analyser


Heterogeneous catalysts’ properties are dependent on dynamic changes of the catalyst surface: modifications at the atomic level induce changes of the chemical properties. They may change their structure depending on the local reaction conditions. That is why it is crucial to have a better comprehension of the structure-function relationships via in situ and operando studies. With the development of the 4th generation synchrotron source Sirius, new characterisations are developed for spatially and time-resolved investigations. For operando studies, those synchrotron techniques will be combined to the gas effluent analysis system from this multi-user equipment project.

Management plan: The equipment will be open to external users following the methodology already employed at LNLS. For experiments connected to the beamlines that will use the multi-user equipment as support, access will be granted after proposal submission (https://sauonline.lnls.br/duo/) and approval by the proposal review committee, within the adequate deadlines disclosed on the LNLS website. For experiments requiring use exclusively of the multi-user equipment, a simplified research proposal (1 page) should be submitted via email to the manager researcher (amelie.rochet@lnls.br) for technical feasibility and scientific evaluation by the administrative and user committees respectively. Time will be allocated according to the operational availability of the equipment.

Administrative Committee: Dr. Amélie Rochet.

Users’ Committee: Prof. Carla Eponina Hori (Universidade Federal de Uberlândia) and Dr. Tulio Costa Rizuti da Rocha (LNLS).

Current Status: The purchase process is expected to be completed by the end of September 2019. We expect that this EMU will be open for users in early 2020.


Coordination: Amelie C. Rochet
Tel.: +55 19 3517 5180
E-mail: amelie.rochet@lnls.br

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