SAXS2 Beamline

The SAXS2 beamline is an experimental station dedicated to Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS) techniques in the hard x-rays energy range (6 to 12 keV) for studying the shape, size and structures of soft materials in the nanoscale with sizes ranging from 1 to 100 nm, with applications to molecular biology, medicine, life science, chemistry and material science.


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The following experimental techniques and setups are available to users in this beamline. To learn more about the techniques’ limitations and requirements (sample, environment, etc.) contact the beamline coordinator before submitting your proposal.



Element Type Position [m] Description
SOURCE Bending Magnet 0.0 Bending Magnet D02 exit A (4°), 1.67 T
M1 Vertical Focusing Mirror 6.3
MONO Side Bounce Monochromator 8.8 Si(111) – 11°
ES Experimental Station 14.0


Parameter Value Condition
Energy range [keV] 6-12 Si(111)
Energy Resolution [ΔE/E] 0.1


Instrument Type Model Manufacturer Specifications
CCD Detector Area CCD-Mar165
Furnace Temp.: 25°C – 1200°C LNLS in-house development
Capillary Room Temperature LNLS in-house development
PASMI Temp.: 25°C – 90°C LNLS in-house development
PALMI Temp.: 25°C – 90°C LNLS in-house development
PALMIM Liquid cell with magnetic field 0 T – 1.2 T; Temp.: 25°C – 95°C LNLS in-house development
Linkam DSC600


All beamline controls are done through EPICS (Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System), running on a PXI from National Instruments. The data acquisition is done using a Red Hat workstation with the Py4Syn, developed at LNLS by SOL group.

All equipment has been synchronized through PXI to render the experiments easy and simple as possible. Long temperature scans with different furnaces are atomized and easy to performed.


Users are required to acknowledge the use of LNLS facilities in any paper, conference presentation, thesis and any other published material that uses data obtained in the execution of their proposal.



Scientific publications produced with data obtained at the facilities of this beamline, and published in journals indexed by the Web of Science, are listed below.

Attention Users: Given the importance of the previous scientific results to the overall proposal evaluation process, users are strongly advised to check and update their publication record at the SAU Online website.

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