Preparing for the Experiment

Upon approval of the research proposal, the user will be instructed on the next steps that must be followed prior to the work at the CNPEM facilities. Only after completing the steps above will you be able to use the CNPEM facilities for the allotted time.


Main Proponent:

  • The proponent will receive an invitation email with dates scheduled for the experimental session.
  • Upon notification of acceptance of their experiment, the proponent must contact the beamline team member associated with their experiment as a Local Contact as soon as possible.
  • The proponent must instruct all user group participants to create a user profile in the SAU Online system.
  • The proponent must request all participants in the user group to confirm their visit in the SAU Online system.


  • Each user must create a user profile in the SAU Online system.
  • Each user must confirm their visit in the SAU Online system.
  • Through the SAU Online portal, each user must: request a mandatory identification badge, request financial support, if applicable, and request the guesthouse reservation, if applicable.
  • Through the SAU Online portal, each user must undergo mandatory Safety Training.
  • Each user must carry an identity document to be presented at the CNPEM main entrance.


Upon arriving at CNPEM to perform the experiments, before going to beamline, the users must visit the User Support Services (SAU) Office to pick up the identification badge and the key to the guesthouse (if applicable), to sign documents and to confirm the receipt of the e-mail with information about Wi-Fi access.


Access to CNPEM Wi-Fi network:

  • With the password provided by SAU, select the “Protheus-Guest” network connection.
  • A CNPEM page will open requesting login and password. If it does not appear, try to access any website.
  • Fill in the fields and click on “Log In”.

Access to Eduroam network:

  • Select the “Eduroam” network connection;
  • Enter your institutional email and password, click “OK”.


During the stay at CNPEM for the execution of their experiment, the users must follow the CNPEM Code of Conduct.


At the end of their stay at CNPEM, the user must return the guesthouse key (if applicable) and the identification badge in the office of the User Support Service (SAU)