Financial Support

The Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory (LNLS), through CNPEM, provides financial assistance to external users both from Brazilian institutions located outside the state of São Paulo and from foreign institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean. The financial support consists in:

Support for Transportation: Reimbursement of expenses related to airline tickets purchase or to ground transportation and reimbursement for travel expenses, like those ones corresponding to the use ofprivate motor vehicle;

Support for Accommodation: The accommodation is located on the campus of CNPEM. It is designed exclusively to host researchers, technicians, fellows, or trainees who are performing regular activities in the laboratory for a fixed period.  Due to the limited space in the guest house, rooms are subject to availability If no room on-site is available for the requested period, the amount spent on off-site housing will be refunded by CNPEM.

Support for Meals:  Lunch at the CNPEM restaurant during the experiment period is provided by CNPEM. Lunch on weekends (when the CNPEM´s restaurant is closed) will be refunded with the price paid at the CNPEM´s restaurant upon receipt presentation.


Users Eligibility  Grant per team  Type 
Brazilian  Non-São Paulo residents  2 users per proposal  Transport/Accommodation/Lunch allowance 
Foreign  Latin America and Caribbean  2 users per proposal  Transport/Accommodation/Lunch allowance 
  • Every proposal approved to carry out an experiment at LNLS is eligible for the following grants: i) air and ground transport (up to the established limit); ii) accommodation; and iii) feeding for up to two national users and one international user per research proposal;
  • The financial resources for these benefits are provided by the Brazilian Center for Research in Energy and Materials (CNPEM). The CNPEM reserves the right to interrupt or alter this Benefits Program at any time;  
  • The benefits are granted only to those users who make a prior request via the SAU Online; 
  • The benefits are not available for those users who have another financial support to perform the scheduled experiment; 
  • The beneficiaries must necessarily be linked to an educational institution and/or research institution. Those institutes must be public or private nonprofits; 


Benefits requests and deadlines

Users  Deadline 
Brazilian  Must be sent 10 days before the visit 
Foreign  Must be sent 30 days before the visit.
  • The benefits must be requested by the beneficiaries through the form that is available on the SAU Online.  

Accountability and Reimbursement


  • Brazilian Users: The beneficiaries should present the airplane or bus ticket receipt or the odometer marking at the arrival moment at CNPEM. The predicted amount in the transportation assistance is going to be deposited in the user bank account by the User Service Support (SAU). The amount will be deposited in the bank account previously informed in the benefic request form. After de voucher submission, the deposit is made within 10 business days.  
  • Foreign Users:  CNPEM will provide a virtual card for the purchase of airline tickets and the presentation of the e-ticket is mandatory at check-in. If the purchase via virtual card is not possible, another form of reimbursement will be verified by CNPEM.  


  • During the user check-in at CNPEM, the users receive a badge, which ensures lunch at the CNPEM´s restaurant.


  • Due to the limited space in the guest house, rooms are subject to availability. In case of availability, the room key is delivered during the check-in at CNPEM. Otherwise, the user is responsible for making his housing reservation outside CNPEM.  


A breach of any of these rules and regulations exempts the CNPEM from granting benefits to the users. These regulations replace the previous procedures 

For the transportation reimbursement, the limits depend on the origin of the beneficiary and are:

Limit value to transportation reimbursement round trip 

Brazil (R$) 
Southeast  R$         1.000 
South   R$         1.300 
Midwest   R$         2.000 
Northeast   R$         2.500 
North   R$         3.000  
América Latina e Caribe (US$) 
Argentina (Buenos Aires), and Uruguay    $               700 
Argentina (Other places), and other countries   $              1.000  


Limit reimbursement of distance 

Per distance traveled (Km)  R$            0,75 


Limit value to outside housing reimbursement 

Accommodation   R$            350