Financial Support

The Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory (LNLS), through CNPEM, provides financial assistance to external users both from Brazilian institutions located outside the state of São Paulo and from foreign institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean. The financial support consists in:

Support for Transportation: reimbursement of expenses in land and air tickets and mileage reimbursement up to a set limit.

Support for Accommodation: lodging in CNPEM Campus Lodge during the period of stay for the experiment, or, in case of unavailability of places, reimbursement of expenses spent on accommodation outside the CNPEM up to a set limit.

Support for Meals: lunch in the campus restaurant, during the period of stay for the experiment.

For more information, check the rules bellow.


  • Every approved proposal is eligible for Financial Support . The LNLS is able to grant support for travel, accommodation, meals. The benefits are available for up to 2 Brazilian users and 1 foreign user per proposal;
  • The financial resources for these benefits are provided by the Brazilian Center for Research in Energy and Materials (CNPEM). The CNPEM reserves the right to interrupt or alter this program at any time;
  • The benefits are granted only for users who make a request via the SAU Online prior to arrival;
  • The benefits are not available for those users who have another financial support to perform the scheduled experiment;
  • Users living in São Paulo state or in countries that do not integrate Latin America and Caribbean cannot receive these benefits;
  • The beneficiaries must necessarily be linked to an educational institution and/or research institution. Those institutions must be public or nonprofit;
  • Only Master or PhD researchers, as well as Master or PhD students (with proof of enrollment in a Master or Doctorate course) may requests support.


Requesting Support:

  • The benefits must be requested by the beneficiaries through the form that is available on the SAU Online. This form should be submitted at least 10 days in advance of a visit. Retroactive forms are not accepted.

Accountability and Reimbursement


  • Brazilian Users: The beneficiaries should present the airplane or bus ticket receipt at the moment of arrival. The support for transportation is going to be deposited account by the User Support Service (SAU) in the bank account previously informed in the request form. After the receipt is submitted, the deposit is made within 10 business days.
  • Foreign Users: After the airplane ticket receipt presentation, the SAU will arrange the payment of the amount granted. The reimbursement is made on the check-out.


  • During the check-in, the users receive a badge, which ensures the lunch at the CNPEM´s restaurant.


  •  Due to the limited space in the guest house, rooms are subject to availability. In case of availability, the room key is delivered during the check-in. Otherwise, the user is responsible for booking their accommodation. Reimbursement is made up to the limit.


For the reimbursement of accommodation outside of CNPEM the limit is R$ 250,00.

For the transportation reimbursement, the limits depend on the origin of the beneficiary and are:

Region of Brazil (in R$):
South, Southeast, Center-west Regions: 700.00
Northeast, North Regions: 1200.00

Latin America and the Caribbean (in US$):
Argentina (Buenos Aires), Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Uruguay: 400,00
Argentina (Other Locations): 600,00
Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Cuba: 800.00