Data Acquisition and Processing Division

As synchrotron light science advances with the fourth generation of storage rings, with brilliance orders of magnitude greater than the previous generation, electromagnetic radiation detectors and electronic beamline instrumentation must evolve constantly to allow for faster experiments, in increasingly complex sample environments and with unprecedented spatial resolutions. Concomitantly, it is essential that experiments can be controlled and that large volumes of data generated can be processed in a fast, friendly and flexible way so that the maximum of human creativity can be exercised in the search for the frontier of scientific knowledge.

Focusing on the constant competitiveness of the Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory, the Data Acquisition and Processing Division develops, in cooperation with Brazilian and multinational companies, hardware and software specially designed to extract as much information as possible from the interaction of the synchrotron light with the materials in the experiments. Our teams specialized in operation software, scientific computing, electronic instrumentation and physical engineering of detectors work in an integrated and coherent way with each other, with the scientific and engineering teams of the beamlines, as well as with the accelerator physics teams. From this coherent integration, from the electron dynamics in the accelerators to the graphic representation of the experimental data, with the aid of machine learning, we aim to expand scientific knowledge produced in the synchrotron light science of the future.



Daniel de O. Tavares
Head of Division