Technological Partnerships

Sirius had as one of its objectives to stimulate the development of the Brazilian industry, by inducing the demand for services, raw materials, and equipment. Thanks to the involvement of Brazilian companies, around 85% of the project’s resources were invested in Brazil.

Together, the different types of partnerships involve a universe of more than 300 small, medium, and large Brazilian companies (not including those involved in construction works). Among these companies, more than 40 worked on technological developments especially for the Sirius Project.


WEG produces over 16 million magnetic cores for its products, and the electromagnets of the Sirius project are similar to what we do. However, Sirius forced us to look for solutions that we had never imagined.

When we started to see the technical needs for the supply of electromagnets for the project, we realized that we had advantages over suppliers from abroad. This is a source of pride for WEG and shows the high technical level of the Brazilian industry. Most of the equipment required for Sirius can be supplied by our industry. It is not simple, but the challenge requires companies to seek solutions for innovation. This is how the industry develops.

The word that defines what we feel for being part of Sirius is pride. When we speak to an audience that is not involved in a project of this magnitude, a particle accelerator seems a little ethereal. However, when we start to explain how this equipment will open new opportunities for the development of new medicines, for the chemical industry, for the advancement of agriculture, people begin to realize the importance of participating in such a project and they are proud of the development of this technology in Brazil.

Luis Alberto Tiefensee – Former Managing Director of WEG Motores


Toyo Matic operates in the high-precision machining market. The company is responsible for supplying magnet levelers and electron beam position monitor components for the electron accelerators. Besides complex shapes, the components have very tight tolerances, in the order of three to five thousandths of millimeters.

Sirius is bringing many benefits to our company, but also to the entire Brazilian society. The chance given to Brazilian companies in supplying for Sirius is very positive. At Toyo Matic, we are proud of being part of this historic project for the Brazilian science.

Edvaldo Rosa – Industrial Director of Toyo Matic


Racional’s entire strategy is based on achieving ever higher levels of quality in challenging projects. And, of course, Sirius is a unique project in Brazil and perhaps in the world, for all the technology involved. At the company, we usually say that, with Sirius, we built an equipment, not a building, since the construction must have the same quality and precision as the equipment that will be installed inside the building.

The unprecedented nature of this project raised the bar for everyone involved. Racional had several partners who were essential in reaching this level of quality, and this translates into the success of the project. This partnership is not only with third parties involved with us in the engineering and construction of the building, but also with CNPEM itself. I am sure that this work has indeed raised the quality standards for Racional and all the partners involved.

I think pride is the only word I can use, on behalf of the Racional team and its partners. This is a project to make Brazil and everyone involved very proud.

Érika Matsumoto – Former Vice President of Racional Engenharia


Pi Tecnologia is developing a technology called Pi-Mega, which is a wide area X-ray detector, with high frame count and high-capacity data transfer. Our goal is to obtain the best detection solution in scientific instrumentation in the world for use in Sirius.

I believe that the great beauty of working with an institution like CNPEM is its multidisciplinarity. You end up applying your knowledge in areas that you never thought possible. The knowledge we found at CNPEM and Sirius, combined with the engineering skills we have here, formed the ideal environment for us to solve highly complex problems.

We imagine these scientists very distant from the world of industry, but in fact, we found a very different environment, an environment of people who know the scientific details of what they are doing, and who are open to connect with engineers and technicians bring it together into one solution.

We take great pride in participating in such high complexity project and to be part of the greatest scientific development in the history of Brazil. It is a great joy for us, as engineers and as people, to walk by that great monument that is Sirius and to be able to show our children and our family that we are part of something so great.

Júlio César – CEO Pi Tecnologia


The radiological protection hutches guarantee the health of all researchers working in the beamlines and passers-by in the surroundings of the experimental area. They also keep the internal environment stable, for example, with temperature control within 0.1°C.

Our involvement in the design of radiological protection hutches is extremely important, structuring, essential for our company. It is opening several markets for us, besides those in which we are present: air conditioning systems, vivariums and systems for the pharmaceutical industry. It is enabling us to seek other markets, to seek other challenges, for example, in ​​radiation protection for hospitals and industries.

We are impressed, our eyes shine. Perhaps our eyes shine as bright as Sirius because we know that such a machine will provide the tools for researchers to reach knowledge that we do not even imagine today.

Being part of something so beautiful, so relevant, that can bring so many positive transformations for all of us, it is priceless. We will certainly remember this date decades from now, we will tell stories, and will be happy to have contributed, even with a small brick, with a small contribution, to the Sirius project, the pride of Brazilian science.

Moisés Costa – Engineering Director of Biotec Solução Ambiental