Primeiro feixe de luz UV gerada pelo Sirius chega à linha Cedro
Sirius Updates | June 2nd, 2023
Cedro research station receives its first ultraviolet beam generated by Sirius

Arrival of the UV beam is a milestone in the commissioning process

This week the Cedro experiment station received its first synchrotron light beam after being connected to the Sirius particle accelerators. This beamline dedicated to circular dichroism spectroscopy will be an important tool for studying the structure of chiral molecules such as proteins, nucleic acids, and carbohydrates. 

Using the ultraviolet region of the synchrotron light generated by Sirius, the beamline will offer researchers the ability to quantify the contents of the secondary structure of proteins and assess their stability and interaction with other molecules. 

The ultraviolet beam could be observed on Monday, May 29 after extensive efforts involving reassembly and positioning in the beamline’s mirror chamber. 

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The new operating mode ensures more stability and more photons emitted to the beamlines

In the first call for proposals, the new, more inclusive, and collaborative selection process attracted proposals from scientists in 15 countries and 17 Brazilian states, most notably the Northeast of the country.